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Portfolio: IOT Laser Cat Toy

A laser toy that may be activated remotely or at home using Google Assistant and/or Adafruit I/O.

One summer, I decided to vacation in Chile two weeks. After booking a sitter to check on and feed my cat, I realized that I would want to check in on the cat remotely. I setup an Android phone to automatically answer a Skype call so that I may see if the cat is doing well. However, I knew that he would not come to the phone easily. Therefore, with a week before the trip, I designed this toy so that I could play with him remotely while checking in on him. The toy was so successful that I continue to use it to play with the cat to this day!

Click the "View Project on Github" button below for instructions on how to build one for yourself!

The laser cat toy generates a game randomly so that the cat will not get bored.

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