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A Radio Wave's Journey To The Center Of The Universe

A composition written in Java for the airCV infrared interface.

Syntona patch that contains one the unit generators that acts as one of the synthesized instruments for the composition. This patch is exportable as Java code and was used in conjunction with the JMSL API. 

This piece was also the result of a deep admiration of science fiction that focuses on living in the cold and lonely void. The mystery of the unknown and the desire to explore led to many of the ideas for this composition. The realization of a radio wave as the subject of this composition came about when I was experimenting with Jsyn unit generators in Syntona. Once the main sound was chosen, others were created around the central idea of a static-filled radio signal traveling through space to where it all began. 

The Java application consists of four parts: the main program, a MIDI interpreter, a voice controller, and a composition controller. The MIDI interpreter receives the MIDI input then acts upon the MIDI messages that are received from the USB controller. It may trigger and control a voice directly using the voice controller or direct aspects of the piece using the composition controller.

A full write-up about the project is available on Github. Click the button below to view the project.

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