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Portfolio: Software, Electronic, & Composition Projects

The following is a selection of completed projects. To learn about each one, tap or click on the photo or text.

An eye tracking interface for Ableton.
sixtyHertz.2020-10-05 22_23_04.gif
An eye tracking page turner for Windows.
Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 23.53.57.png
Neon Puzzle Cubes
A probabilistic algorithmic composition that utilizes an eye tracking interface.
A portable bluetooth MIDI interface for iOS devices.
portaMid Demo.2020-10-05 22_08_58.gif
SPAAAAAAAAAAACEA Radio Wave's Journey To The Center Of The Universe
Algorithmic Music MIDI controller, Matth
Computer Music Composition &
Modular Synth Improvisations
Film Scoring/Foley Example:
Lazy Susan
Film Scoring Example:
Film Scoring Example:
Mr. Holmes
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